To build a holy sanctuary within the community of nerds, geeks, misfits, and outcasts that fosters physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth in Christ.


We value prayer as the foundation for our ministry’s success.
We commit to individual staff prayer and corporate prayer.

We value effective, culturally relative and sensitive evangelism.
We commit to authentic, organic, and intentional sharing of the story of Jesus.

We value discipleship as a non-distinct element of evangelism.
We commit to nurture new believers into a lifelong journey towards God; there is no distinction between conversion and discipleship. We commit to encouraging people to join communities of faith as the space for support and growth.

We value developing authentic, intimate, and Christ-centered community.
We commit to equip others, providing quality training, supervision and support.

We value responsible stewardship of people, time and money.
We commit to seek to match people’s gifts and abilities with their responsibilities.
We commit to holding staff accountable for stewardship of their time and resources.
We commit to promoting staff development and training.
We commit to living within our means, debt-free.

We value creativity and excellence.
Our very existence is creative, and we will continue to be who we are.

We value partnering with community organizations and churches.
We commit to share our strengths and ministry resources with others, endeavoring to work together in the common goal of serving the nerd and geek community.