188 Princess St, Winnipeg MB, R3B 1L2


Come on in through the parking lot doors of 755 McLeod Ave (River East Church) and head downstairs. Be sure to add your voice to the thankfulness board on your way in.

Communal Meal

Once we've all arrived and we're all settled, the communal meal is served. No you're not expected to bring anything to participate, it is our joy to ensure our community is fed. If you would like to contribute to the meal or make us aware of any food allergies you have - please contact the Chef's Guild to make arrangements.


During the meal a story is shared by the Cleric's Guild. These stories, whether they be fictional, biographical, and something in-between, serve as the basis for our spiritual discussions moving forward. They are meant to inspire, challenge, and get us thinking during our meal.

Artistic Expression

After the meal we take some time to let the Bard's Guild lead us through a creative expression of worship. In the past this has been everything from traditional hymns and modern chorus to spoken word and poetry to planting seeds and quiet reflection.


The kids (12 and under) are dismissed into the care of our Apprentice's Guild which lead them through play and discussion based around the story and artistic expression heard earlier.


The meal is done and we're all sitting around our tables talking. The Cleric's Guild leads everyone in facilitated discussion around the story into something that connects deep with our spiritual walk with Christ.


The final blessing before everyone is dismissed to love and serve the community around them. Go in peace and go and do the dishes.


Don't be surprised if there is Lego at the tables for the duration of the service. It's great for creatives to express themselves, the easily distracted to have something in hand to keep them focused, and introverts who need shy away while being in a group.